In 2010 when I started the NETWORK FOR FUTURE GEOGRAPHERS at the University of Cape Coast to promote and support Geography Education, little did I know that this Network will grow to become a global force for Geographic Learning. Thanks to the support from Colleagues, Teachers, Lecturers and Geography Practitioners, we were able to expand to Nigeria and Benin in 2011. I am grateful to Dr. Comfort Ogunleye Adetona, Abdulkadiri Ademola, Joseph Aro Kayode of Nigeria and Cephas Oro-togbe of Benin for making this possible.

After Seven years of “Developing the next generation of innovative geographers who will help to address the major unmet needs of our global community” the Network has become much stronger and positioned to make Geographic Education in Africa our top most priority.

I am happy to announce that the NETWORK FOR FUTURE GEOGRAPHERS (NFG) with branches in Ghana, Nigeria and Benin has gone into partnership with the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUNG GEOGRAPHERS (IAYG) to become the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUNG GEOGRAPHERS OF WEST AFRICA (IAYGWA).

With this partnership, the Network for Future Geographers has become a subsidiary of the International Association of Young Geographers and has been empowered to expand to all parts of West Africa to implement free world-class programs to advance geographic learning.

IAYGWA will continue the work done at Network for Future Geographers but will be empowered with IAYG resources, programs, teams and outreach efforts. We will work together to implement programs and projects across West Africa, expand to more areas, and strengthen our connections with local alliances whiles maximizing our capacity for program development and connections abroad.

Our High school geography programs would be integrated into the world-class IAYG High School Geography Challenge program and Geographical Societies would have access to world-class regular curricular materials.

Our geography teachers will now be exposed to more training programs from world-class geography educators to enhance their classroom skills.

We congratulate all staff, supporters and volunteers of NFG for your efforts and welcome our new partners to Africa.

Watch out for our new website and active social media pages.

For more information about how you can join, open a branch or benefit from this organisation please send a mail to or call +233-248625714.





By Future Geographers


On behalf of myself and everyone at Network for Future Geographers, I will like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! I hope you use this time to evaluate what is truly important, such as love, peace, joy and the gift of family. I use this time to reflect on everyone who has encouraged us during this journey of promoting geographic learning across the globe and I thank you for your support. We faced many challenges which resulted in our delayed activities, but everything worthwhile comes with it’s sets of obstacles.

We now have everything set to go live from January of the new year, and I hope that the new year brings to us all opportunities and successes.

Happy holidays!

By Future Geographers


ImageJoshua Ntajal, a former student at the Department of Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Cape Coast has been awarded as the BEST GRADUATING STUDENT IN GEOGRAPHY, 2012. 

Ntajal was a Geography Major at the department and graduated with Hons. in B.A. Social Sciences (Geography) Degree.

The ceremony took place at the just ended 44th Congregation of the University of Cape Coast.  The package of the Award is a cash prize of GHS200.00.

Joshua is now doing his National Service at the same Department as a Teaching Assistant. He help to assist students in Physical geography courses including Introduction to Physical Geography, Models in Physical Geography, Earth Science, Geomorphology, Biogeography among others.

Future Geographers say Ayekoo to Joshua for breaking all odds to make Geography one of the best subjects ever.

We say, may you work hard to transform many students to love our most cherished discipline – Geography.




By Future Geographers




PROF. PETER KWABENA ACHEAMPONG, an Associate Professor in Agro-climatology, Climate and Development at the Department of Geography and Regional Planning of the University of Cape Coast has been honoured.

Prof. P.K. Acheampong as popularly known, joined the University of Cape Coast in 1988 as a Senior Lecturer after nine years of active service with the University of Benin in Nigeria as a Senior Lecturer in Meteorology. He has therefore served the Department of Geography and Regional Planning in particular and the University of Cape Coast in general for Twenty-four years, teaching Climatology and Biogeography to both undergraduate and graduate students.

He worked tirelessly and rose through the ranks to be promoted to Associate Professor in October 2003.

“…the Staff and Students of the Department appreciate your numerous contributions to the growth and development of the Department to its current status. The Head of Department and the entire members of staff and students salute you and say Ayekoo for your selfless contributions. Notable among them was your elevation to the high office as a member and Chairman of the National Committee for the Eclipse of the Sun in 2006, which the Department is very proud of. You distinguished yourself and raised the image of the Department and the University as a whole”.

The Geography and Regional Planning Department also appreciated the untiring efforts of the Professor in promoting the re-establishment of the defunct Meteorological Station behind the Central Library of the University, which was later handed over to the Central Regional Meteorological Office in Cape Coast. With such contributions the Professor according to the Department have indeed helped in no small way in the promotion of the subject of Climatology and Biogeography and the upliftment of the Department and the University as a whole.

…”On the basis of these immense contributions to the development of Geography at the University of Cape Coast, The Department of Geography and Regional Planning honour you gigantically for your selfless services”.

The Occasion coincided with the 50TH Anniversary Celebration of the Faculty of Social Sciences, International Conference Closing ceremony which took place on Friday, 12th of October, 2012.

Future Geographers say Ayekoo to Prof. P.K. for his immense contribution in transforming many young graduates of the department into better Geographers.



By Future Geographers

Winners of the My Community, Our Earth Rio+20 Competition

Winners of the My Community, Our Earth Rio+20 Competition

These students, mentors and groups really deserve some recommendation as they have really taken Ghana to the next level. They have proven to the world that if given a chance they can do the impossible.  15 winning projects were selected out of  the 145 that were submitted. Project themes included: Agriculture, Climate Change, Forests, Food Security, Green Economy, Hazards and Vulnerability and Youth Leadership. And Ghana won 5 out of the 15 in the whole world. Big ups to Mr. James K. Eshun, you a really a great leader and Mentor.

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Thanks to all those who participated in the program and we at the Network for Future Geographers say Congratulations for the good work done and we share in your vision of promoting geographic learning through youth participation.