The objectives/goals of the Network are in consonance with that of the International Geographic Society (1992).


  1. Nurture  students to understand and respect  the importance of studying geography so as to respect all peoples, their cultures, values and their ways of life;
  2. Groom students to develop an affinity for and understanding of the increasing global inter-dependence of peoples and cultures through the understanding of geography.
  3. Prepare students to develop the geographic skills and attitudes that will enable them participate in solving the problems of their communities, their countries and the world at large.
  4. Assist students to develop relevant skills that will be useful to them in their daily lives as well as become aware of the international and environmental impacts of their decisions.
  5. Enable students adapt knowledge gained in decision-making roles in society which require local, national and international perspectives and competence.
  6. Acquire skills and perspectives for long-life learning.



  1.  I t was set up to help promote geographic learning and interest.
  2. It was set up to help look for avenues to sponsor or support geographic activities in and around the country.
  3. It was set to provide a platform for young and future geographers to acquire skills and learn ways to help solve real life situations through the application of geographic learning.
  4. To conduct research to help evaluate geographic learning and issues related to the application of geography in solving a situation.
  5. To connect with all geographic related organizations to help create an environment for the promotion of geographic learning and ideas in the world.
  6. To help increase the number of geography majors in our various institutions in the country and beyond.
  7. To help address issues that impedes the realization of the objectives set for the study of the course geography.
  8. To help the public to understand the importance of geography in their lives and the community.
  9. To help create an avenue for young people to showcase their abilities.
  10. To help promote activities of Geographical Societies in Ghana and across the globe.

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