Isaac is a young flexible and enthusiastic graduate from the University of Cape Coast (Ghana) with an entrepreneurial mindset who has combined research work alongside successive enterprising, event management, computing, networking, consultancy, mentoring, community development and project management skills. He communicates well at all levels and is able to form good working relationships quickly with a wide range of people. Have the ability to learn, to face new challenges, take risks, lead, initiate and implement new policies and ideas. He has good presentation skills, very innovative, ambitious and keen with a dynamic approach to life.

Isaac was the former President of the Geographical Society, University of Cape Coast where he also served as Secretary and Public Relations Officer in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

He also worked with the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS – UCC) as the programmes and Projects Chairman and also several other groups on campus.

Isaac is a youth leader, author, publisher, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.

He believes in the power of the Youth to change the world. He has therefore worked tirelessly to create avenues to help the training of the skills of youth in Africa to help in the realization of their God-given potentials. He believes Poverty can make one’s vision seem meaningless but it cannot change its realization through perseverance and dedication.

Network for Future Geographers is a network he created in 2010 with some colleague students to help create avenues to whip the interest of students who have lost hope in geography and holds the perception that geography has nothing to offer them after school, (a perception he Strongly held before ). He believe the youth of today have some untapped resources that, when given the opportunity can prove to the world how worthy they are.

With the help of two friends in the West African sub-region, one from Nigeria and the other from Benin, he believes together they can all help to create the next generation of innovative geographers who will help address the major unmet needs of our global economy.

He has interest in Computing, Creating, Designing, Presenting, Leadership roles and Event organizing.


C/o Department of  Geography and Regional Planning

University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


Address: P. O. BOX AD 640, CAPE COAST, Ghana, West Africa

Mobile : +233248625714/+233204763895
Email: /


Facebook: Isaac Osei Pola

Twitter: IsaacPola

Linkedin: Isaac Osei Appiah

Skype: ikepola


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