The project Board is a group of Scholars that will be selected to monitor and evaluate projects that are being undertaken by schools during a particular project year. The Project comprises teachers, Advisors, Judges, College Mentors, and Project Ambassadors or volunteers. The project provides all the necessary support being funds, materials, opportunities and avenues to see to the successful completion of a particular project.


College Mentors are teachers in the various schools that will guide and mentor students through their projects. College Mentors also work with Project Ambassadors to help provide all the necessary training and mentorship for students to equip themselves in all geographic learning.


Project Ambassadors also are University Students will be selected to help give support to a particular group in a project. Project Ambassadors are also external officers that will serve as an intermediary of the school or group and the Project Board. Project Ambassadors are volunteers who frequently visit schools to help promote geographic learning. Project Ambassadors among other functions shall:

  • Be the external officer responsible for projects of a particular group or school.
  • In collaboration with the College Mentor act as mentor to the group organizing that particular project.
  • Coordinate and supervise all activities of the group or branch assigned to.
  • Help students in the preparation of their annual reports and projects.
  • Visit project school often to give students motivation in completing their projects.
  • Request for support from the project board for the group or school undertaking the project.
  • Send report of the project to the supervisor for review before competitions.

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