1. SEMINARS/CONFERENCES                                                                                             

Seminars and conferences about the course geography, importance of studying it, the career objectives and the role of geography in national growth and development will be organized frequently in the various institutions across the country. Seminars and conferences will be organized on the local, regional and national basis which will draw a large number of dignitaries like Professors, Doctors, Lecturers and others in the academia who know much about geography. This platform will also be used for people to share their stories and experiences from the study of geography. This is done to enlighten the students about geographic learning.

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To help us work towards our aim NFG will help students from Senior High Schools (S.H.S) to undertake projects under the helpful and guiding eye of their College Mentors (teachers) and University Project Ambassadors (geography students). NFG will provide high-school students with an opportunity to understand and appreciate the course geography and its interrelated skills. Students are giving special projects to complete that will help their understanding of certain geographic features why they are located where they are and their importance to improve their communities and also some issues in geography. At the end of the academic year, the student teams showcase their efforts on a regional, national and world stage (if possible). Best schools and students in a particular project will be given awards to motivate them to learn geography more. Examples of such projects is the GCE-MYCOE. (Read more on Undertaking Projects)


This newsletter is a registered newsletter (known as THE GEOGRAPHER-N.B. First edition to be out soon) that will be the official mouth piece of the Network and will contain articles about the discipline geography, its role in national development, career options available to the geography students, success stories, geography terms, the various activities of the Network, Projects by students and articles from the various geography students and their partnership schools outside. It also feature articles from teachers and lecturers on the discipline geography and other internationally notably geography writers. It is a monthly newsletter that is prepared to “inspire, motivate, encourage, and sensitize student’s awareness about the course geography and its importance.


This will be a TV show that will be shown on the National Television and will be named “THE GEOGRAPHER” – GEOGRAPHY ON FOCUS! This program will showcase what geography is, who geographers are, what they do, and also help people understand the various truths about the myths behind the occurrence of some scenes like Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Climate Change, Pollution, problems such as global warming, destruction of our reefs and forests, loss of important plants and animals, pollution, increasing poverty, unemployment, devaluation, and nutritional problems, which are some of the well known results of inappropriate development. It will involve documentaries, talk shows and discussions on Geography. The program will be a weekly based TV show and it is expected to help encourage and sensitize the study of geography in schools, the publics view on the course geography and the importance of geography in global development. Talks are underway on this programme. It will soon be OUT.


Networks have been created for NFG teams to have partnership with sister schools outside the country to do projects with. Schools will have the opportunity to visit each other, undertake projects that will help to promote multinational awareness of some of the problems hindering global development and geographic learning. Schools or groups will be giving Sister schools in Nigeria, Benin, Kenya and other West African countries that they will communicate with, do video conferences to discuss issues of great importance to communities development and undertake projects together.


NFG will support teams to organize community sensitization programmes to educate people about certain problems that hinder community development. Problems such as Teenage pregnancy, Girl child education, sexual and Domestic violence, Healthy life living principles, HIV/AIDS, Flooding, Bush Burning, Elections  among others to help create a better community for all.


NFG is making plans to create a scheme that will help to cater for some geography students who need to help accomplish their dreams of becoming future geographers. Brilliant and needy geography students will be assisted through this scheme to help enrich their knowledge of geography and provide a platform for them to accomplish their dreams. Teams undertaking projects will also be assisted to enhance their research work easier so as to unravel certain problems that confronts us in the society and needs to be addressed.


NFG is instituting an award programme that will be organized yearly to recognize the efforts of certain people and individuals whose work has helped to promote the study and learning of geography in Ghana and the Sub region.

Awards and Plaques of different kinds will be given to help encourage, motivate people to work harder to make a dream come true for the foundation.

Professors, Doctors, Lecturers and all practitioners of geography whose efforts need to be recognized will be awarded.

Students who excel in both the tertiary and secondary level will also be given awards during this programme.


We also organize educational seminars and field trips around the country to help enlighten and educate students to acquaint knowledge on the cultural and geographic phenomena around Ghana so as to help them gain information about the activities of certain organizations and institutions and their contribution to the national economy and the society in which they live.

We believe field trips are very important in helping students to understand their geography lessons. It is therefore vital to provide a platform for students to have first hand information about geographic phenomena around the country that gives them wide insight on what they learn in the classrooms.


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