NFG believes that the creativity and energy of youth are an untapped resource and can help in shaping their own futures. NFG asks, “Why not provide an avenue to help them understand what is meant by geography, to create better futures? Why not help them see that they can truly change the world?” Why not provide a platform to help them understand that geography is not only about rocks and rivers but entails much more.

This philosophy is based on the comment of one author and journalist Thomas Friedman. In his book, The World is Flat, (2005) he commented on the importance of youth empowerment.

His comments apply to NFG’s goals:

“Give young people a context where they can translate a positive imagination into reality, give them a context in which someone with a grievance can have it adjudicated

in a court of law without having to bribe the judge with a goat, give them a context in which they can pursue an entrepreneurial idea and become the richest or the most creative or most respected people in their own country, no matter what their background, give them a context in which any complaint or idea can be published in

the newspaper, give them a context in which anyone can run for office-and guess what? They usually don’t want to blow up the world. They usually want to be part of it.”

 NFG inspires the youth to believe that geography can really help them to achieve their dreams and contribute their knowledge, skills and energy to enhance their local and multinational communities.


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