GGA/GGTA 2011             GGA/GGTA 2012



The Ghana Geographical Association (GGA) was established in 1958, to be the official organisation for all people who are associated with geography either through formal training, teaching or practice.

Objectives of GGA

  1. To organise and unite students, teachers and all practitioners of Geography.
  2. To promote and safeguard the educational and professional interests of its members as a corporate body.
  3. to ensure a high standard of professional conduct and practice
  4. to serve as a body for investigating, assembling, storing and maintaining geographical information.
  5. to promote high standards and qualifications in the discipline acceptable at national and international levels.
  6. to establish mutually beneficial links with the institutions of/for geographical knowledge in Ghana as well as abroad.

Composition of GGA

The membership of GGA has been divided into the following classes:


  • Basic Level Institutions
  • Second Cycle Institutions
  • Tertiary Level Institutions


  • Student (SGGA)
  • Member (MGGA)
  • Associate (AGGA)
  • Honorary Fellowship (Hon FGGA)


Congress: Congress is the highest decision or policy making and governing body of the association. It involves all registered members of the association.

Annual General Meeting (AGM): which involve all members and stakeholders of the association

National Officers of GGA

  1. President
  2. Vice President (1st and 2nd). One of the Vice Presidents should be the current President of the Geography Teachers Association (GTA).
  3. General Secretary
  4. Assistant Secretary
  5. National Organising Secretary
  6. Treasurer
  7. Immediate Past President
  8. Three (3) Representatives from the Tertiary Institutions
  9. One (1) Representative from Research/Analogous Institutions
  10. Three (3) Representatives from Second Cycle Schools
    The officers are elected by Congress at its Annual General Meeting. Each nomination is supported by at least two full members.

Executive Committee

There is also an executive committee of GGA who are responsible to Congress for the management of the affairs of the Association and the implementation of the decisions of Congress.


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